Testimonials: Summer 2016

Your work was absolutely stunning and perfect and delicate and elegant. As I recall the first sight of the tables under the tent, I am overwhelmed with how perfect every flower was and how your designs matched EXACTLY the thoughts I had in mind.  - Wendy S.

We LOVED the flowers. They were beautiful!  Thank you for making our celebration more special. Cheers! - Barbara

You did a gorgeous job on these flowers! The event was a smashing success! - Wedding Coordinator

Oh Jill, you design flowers that look like they are in a priceless Dutch Masters painting.

Your flowers were beautiful. - A Catskills groom. 

Jill this day will shine with your beautiful flowers .. thank you from my heart of hearts - Cameron Z

I completely trust you, you just go ahead and pick the colors, arrange them as you like and I will love everything. I have been closely watching your Facebook page, IG and website since we first spoke and I completely trust you. - A bride on a pre-wedding visit.

The arrangements were so well thought out and worked in the space perfectly! And still are, all these days later.  - Anna L.

We don't know anything about flowers, just gave Jill a general idea about colors and wanting to be a little different. Her selections couldn't have been more perfect for us!

Jill Wiener of Earth Girl was A-MAZING! Naturally grown on her very own farm, this petal pusher put together fresh cut flowers tailored just for my wedding. She custom made all of the boutonnieres and bouquets with fresh flowers and pieces from the mom's wedding dresses. She was easy to work with and connect with and delivered our flowers 2 hours from her studio. LOVE!